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    The company Instruments and Systems , founded in 1996, conducting the study, design and manufacture of measuring instruments and the development of software to operate devices under Windows.

New product development is a priority of instruments and systems to meet a demand that is constantly evolving and to provide devices that are both simple to use while following technological developments for improve their performance. We have developed over the years a network of partners to distribute our products both nationally and internationally. Today, we export to many European countries, Africa and the United States.

Our products are appreciated in the National Education for their ease of use and ease of use and also in industry and research laboratories for their performance and design. In addition to our product range, we can offer a service tailored to meet specific requests of our customers. Our reactivity, our dynamism and our knowledge to the extent we can provide reliable equipment and offer a fantastic service.

Since 2008, IES has taken a turn technological support environmental sustainability and energy savings by engaging in home automation and LED lighting. Today, IES is developing a partnership with several technical colleges in order to transmit its knowledge automation by teacher training and student learning.

IES has since become certified installer and preferred system for the "MY HOME" LEGRAND and is one of the top 50 installers labélis "MY HOME TEAM" in France.



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